10% Rewards Points on Pattern Shop Purchases

When you purchase patterns from the Pattern Shop, you’ll earn 10% Rewards Points… 10 Credits = $1.  After your purchase I will add the credits to your account.  Next time you open your account Dashboard and you will see a new tab – Self Service Library (this will only appear if you have available credits).  Your credits can be used to purchase patterns from the Self-Service Library.  All purchased patterns download links will appear in your Dashboard tab – My Pattern Downloads.

Login to the Pattern Shop and you will see your tabs near the top of the page…


Click the Self-Service Library Tab to see what credits you have and a selection of patterns you can purchase with your credits. Each pattern will show the number of credits you will need to purchase it. Once you ‘buy’ the pattern, the credits will be deducted from your balance, and the link to download the pattern will appear in the tab ‘My Pattern Downloads’.


My Pattern Downloads Tab – provide links to all of your purchased patterns.

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