March 2016 – Good Day Sunshine (with Video)

Good Day Sunshine!

by Sharon Chinn

Paint a happy face and it will put a smile on your own!  This bright and cheerful design reminds me of a sunny day with blue skies and warm sunshine.

I’ve painted it on a half moon door crown from Cabin Crafters which is 13-3/4″ x8-3/4″ , but you could adapt it to so  many surfaces.  Just use something in your stash.

Also, I’ve painted this design with Traditions acrylics, but I’ve given you simple conversion instructions to adapt it to any paints you may have on hand.  The colors are basic, just pick some from your own stock.

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Some of the details such as the butterflies and background patterns on the lower portion of the sign are stenciled using a couple of Laurie Speltz stencils, but again feel free to adapt to supplies you have, or just paint the butterflies on your own from the pattern included.

NOTE! I’ve tried something new with this pattern… instead of preparing a line drawing, I’ve included a grayscale image sized to the finished design.  You can easily trace as little or as much of the outlines and detail as you wish, but the grayscale also gives a simple view of the value placement.  Let me know how this works for you.


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