Sciatica Can Disrupt an Artist’s Life!!

I wanted to give my Studio members an update on why I’m behind on monthly projects… I’m battling a pinched nerve/sciatica in my lower left back and leg over the past few weeks and I’m having a difficult time sitting to paint.   I’ve been trying to self treat with rest and some stretches, but things aren’t getting better, so I’m finally going to break down and see a doctor as soon as they can get me in.

Anybody have tips for dealing with sciatica?  At this point, I have the icy-hot pins & needles down the back of my leg to my foot, pain in my left bum and leg, numbness down to my left toes.  I don’t understand how my leg can feel numb and hurt at the same time… lol!!

I’m trying to round up some guest designer projects to fill in, so bear with me and I’ll get caught up.  I am working on a new 16″x20″ project titled “Little Boys Are Made Of”, but the going is slow. I’ll keep moving it forward as I can.  Here’s a sneak peak…


  1. I’m sorry you are having back problems. No fun at all! My husband has a really bad back and one thing that has helped him at times is to stand straight, bend your left leg (or right) and grab it at the shin. Pull it toward your chest and you can feel the stretch happening. Repeat with the other leg. I hope that makes sense. There are times that even this doesn’t help him and he is down and out but every now and again it helps to do this stretch and you will feel the tension leave your lower back.

    • Thanks Heidi. Yes, I understand from your description, but I probably couldn’t balance myself to do it standing up. I found a stretching exercise on the internet that probably has about the same effect. Putting my foot on a chair or the stairs and bending forward to stretch toward my toes and hold for 30 counts. I’ve been trying that but not consistently. I have a doctor’s appt. in the morning, so hope they will have a strategy.

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